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Avanos Recalls Cortrak*2 Over Potential Enteral Tube Misplacement

This problem has caused sixty injuries and 23 deaths. This recall has been identified by the FDA as an Class I recall. It is the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may result in serious injuries or even death. feeding tube placement Sam Brusco Associate Editor05.16.22 The FDA has identified Avanos Medical as the person responsible for recalling their Cortrak*2 system of enteral access. 629 devices made between 2016 and 2022 were recalled, with the first recall occurring on the 21st of March. Cortrak*2 is an instrument that permits doctors to insert medical feeding tubes in patients stomachs, or small bowels. Avanos Mediacal Cortrak 2 Due to the possibility of injuries or deaths, the system was recalled. Nasogastric, also known as the nasoenteric tube, that is not correctly inserted can cause damage to the vocal chords and the trachea. Cortrak 2 eternal access system This could lead to serious injuries, or death. feeding tube placement According to Avanos the number of incidents has been a total of 60 injuries and 23 death connected to this problem. The adverse events that were reported included pneumonia, respiratory failure, perforation, and pneumonia, as well as the development of pleural effusion. Avanos Medical The recall is being used to update Cortrak*2's instructions regarding use and intended usage, instructing users to confirm the placement of the tube based on guidelines for institutions prior to making use of the tube to distribute nutrition. Cortrak 2 eternal access system Clinicians were required to attach the notice of correction regarding the issue to the operating book and return the acknowledgement form along with the notice to Avanos. The company is expected to be able provide the latest labeling to users, including confirmation of the tube's placement as per institutional policies. feeding tube placement|Avanos Mediacal Cortrak 2|Cortrak 2 eternal access system|feeding tube placement|Avanos Medical|Cortrak 2 eternal access system||


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